NFT Volumes Rise 8 Fold in 3rd Quarter

The market for non-fungible tokens exploded in the third quarter, as high-profile launches and a stream of innovation put the digital asset on the radar for investors who hadn’t even heard of an NFT a year ago.

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2022: The year of stagflation?

The year 2022 could well mark an important paradigm shift for financial markets: the end of the idyllic scenario of inflation-free growth and the beginning of an era of stagflation. Stagnant growth coupled with galloping inflation? Investment management will have to be adapted accordingly…

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The Wave: Promoting Accessibility in Surfing

Surfers are often portrayed as mavericks – almost stock characters – obsessed with the ‘perfect wave’, lithely hopping on their board to paddle out into the surf and drop in. 

But I think that this portrayal is outdated – and to be frank (which I am), it’s paddling against the undertow. 

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NFTs and the NBA

It’s been an energetic year for NFTs. Though the concept has existed since 2014, and Blockchain tech for much longer, we’ve seen an enormous spike in popularity over the last year and a growing list of successful applications in the commercial world – particularly in the example of ventures like the NBA’s new “Top Shot” NFTs.

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Free Fallin’ Bond Yields

Francis Menassa, CEO and founder of JAR Capital, says the recent inversion of the yield curve might be telling us something important about future growth and the prospect for equity markets.

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DEBRA Fundraising on a Roll

DEBRA, the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), has stepped up its fundraising drive to fight the rare but excruciatingly painful skin disease.

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