NFT Volumes Rise 8 Fold in 3rd Quarter

The market for non-fungible tokens exploded in the third quarter, as high-profile launches and a stream of innovation put the digital asset on the radar for investors who hadn’t even heard of an NFT a year ago.

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2022: The year of stagflation?

The year 2022 could well mark an important paradigm shift for financial markets: the end of the idyllic scenario of inflation-free growth and the beginning of an era of stagflation. Stagnant growth coupled with galloping inflation? Investment management will have to be adapted accordingly…

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The Wave: Promoting Accessibility in Surfing

Surfers are often portrayed as mavericks – almost stock characters – obsessed with the ‘perfect wave’, lithely hopping on their board to paddle out into the surf and drop in. 

But I think that this portrayal is outdated – and to be frank (which I am), it’s paddling against the undertow. 

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